Energy Resources

To bring energy efficiency and renewable energy training opportunities, funding opportunities and alternative energy knowledge to the region.

Refuel Colorado

Refuel Colorado is an effort by the Colorado Energy Office to encourage the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles in Colorado to lead a cheaper, cleaner and domestic transportation future.  Refuel coaches help fleets identify monetary savings and other advantages from converting to alternative fuels, particularly compressed natural gas and electricity.  The program also builds self-sustaining alternative fuel markets by working with community leaders, fuel providers, and dealerships.  Refuel Colorado Fleets is now available statewide.  

Refuel coaches can help business and government leaders understand the financial, environmental, economic, development, and energy security advantages from promoting the use of clean, Colorado fuels.  By working with an entire community, coaches create an ecosystem of broad support and all the resources necessary for a successful transition to alternative fuels.  

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Sparq Natural Gas of Oklahoma City completed construction of a public, fast fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Trinidad in October 2015.  Current local users of CNG are the City of Trinidad, Las Animas County, Pioneer Natural Resources and Electrical Systems Professionals.  Some regional trucking and delivery services also currently use the site.  

SCCOG has a made a commitment to move toward a CNG fleet in the upcoming years for the following reasons: 1) historically lower, more stable cost than gasoline; 2) CNG is a locally produced fuel; 3) burns cleaner than petroleum based products because of its lower carbon content; 4) CNG produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other fuels.  

Through a partnership with CDOT and DOLA, SCCOG Transit was able to purchase our first CNG bus in 2016 with plans to add four more CNG vans to their fleet in 2017.