Property Tax Info

2019 Mill Levies

(2020 Mill levies will be set in December '20)

​Mill Levy for Town of Silverton (District 112)
10.560  Town of Silverton
19.729  San Juan County
13.646  School District #1
00.403  Southwest Water Conservation District

Mill Levy for South County (District 103)             
19.729  San Juan County      
13.646  School Dist. #1
00.403  Southwest Water Con. District
08.200  Durango Fire  Protection District

Mill Levy for the remainder of San Juan County
(District 101)
19.729  San Juan County         
13.646  School District #1
00.403  Southwest Water Conservation District


2018 Effective Property Tax Rates

Town of Silverton (District 112) 
Residential: 0.317% 
Non-Residential: 1.286% 

South County (District 103) 
Residential:  0.30% 
Non-Residential: 1.217% 

The remainder of the County (District 101) 
Residential: 0.242% 
Non-Residential: 0.980% 

Protest Period

By mail or in person: The month of May each year Blank Protest Form for download Property owners have the right to protest the valuation and/or classification of their property. Protests must be made in writing, and submitted to the Assessor beginning on the first working day after Notices of Valuation are mailed. Protests must be postmarked or delivered in-person no later than June 3rd. The Assessor will mail Notices of Determination on June 30. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Protest Form

Business Personal Property

If on Jan 1, you own, lease or borrow business personal property with a total market value greater than $7,800, the assets must be reported to our office no later than April 15th of each year. The form can be downloaded below. For businesses with more than $7,800 worth of personal property, Notices of Valuation will be mailed on June 15th.

Owners who disagree with the value may object by mail, email, or in-person on or before June 30. Once an objection has been filed, the assessor will review your account and mail you a Notice of Determination by July 10. If you disagree with the assessor's decision, you may file an appeal with the county board of equalization by July 20. If you disagree with the county board's decision, you may file an appeal with the State Board of Assessment Appeals or the district court, or you may request a binding arbitration hearing within 30 days of the county board’s mailed decision. More information on property valuation and taxation for business and industry below.

Personal Property Declaration

Property Valuation & Taxation for Business Industry


The State of Colorado has approved several different types of exemptions, including Senior Exemptions, Disabled Veteran Exemptions, and exemptions for Religious & Charitable Organizations.

Senior Exemptions

Disabled Veteran Exemptions

How to calculate your 2018 property tax (due in 2019)

Brochure: Understanding Property Taxes in CO

Multiply the following 3 figures: Actual Value Set by county assessor on the Notice of Valuation each May Assessment Rate Set by the State legislature: .072 for residential and .29 for all other property. Mill Levy Set by our 5 taxing entities each December: Silverton: .044902 (includes Town, School, Water District, and County mill levies) South County .042542 (includes Durango Fire Protection, School, Water District, and County mill levies) Remainder of County .034342 (includes School, Water District and County mill levies) Example: Home in Silverton with actual value of $200,000 Actual value x Assessment Rate x Mill Levy = Property Tax 200,000 x .072 x .044902 = $646.58 2018


Abstract of Assessment 


Abstract Inside

The Abstract of Assessment is produced each January and provides information on the assessed value of property in San Juan County. The brochure also provides the tax rates and revenues for all taxing entities in the County, and the distribution of taxes by type of taxing authority. San Juan County currently has 3 tax districts and 5 taxing entities. The 2019 Brochure will be available in January 2020.

Abstract of Assessment Brochure

2018 Effective Property Tax Rates

Town of Silverton (District 112) Residential: 0.32% Non-Residential: 1.3% South County (District 103) Residential: 0.306% Non-Residential: 1.23% Remainder of County (District 101) Residential: 0.247% Non-Residential: 0.996%

Mining Claims Abstract 

This spreadsheet lists all patented mining claims in San Juan County, sortable by location, size, ownership, parcel#, survey#, patent#, and other attributes. We make no guarantees of its accuracy. Please contact the Assessor with any feedback or corrections 



Gallagher Amendment

The Gallagher Amendment to the Colorado Constitution, approved by the voters in 1982, limits the residential share of property taxes to no more than 45% of property tax revenue. Taxes on non-residential property (vacant land, commercial, etc) account for the remaining 55%. The State Legislature adjusts the residential assessment rate each reappraisal year. From 2004 to 2016, the residential assessment rate was 7.96%. In 2017, the rate dropped to 7.2% and is expected to drop again for 2019 taxes. For more information, refer to the Colorado Legislative Council regarding these amendments, or the Constitutional Provisions page of the Colorado Department of the Treasury.

Tabor Amendment

The TABOR (Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights) Amendment controls the amount of revenue that local governments and taxing entities can collect and spend. However, if an entity has “de-bruced,” some or all of the restrictions placed on the amount of revenue they can collect and spend imposed by the Tabor Amendment have been lifted. Additionally, Colorado State Statute sets a 5.5% limit on the annual percentage increase that taxing entities can increase their revenues. Some taxing entities have had this revenue restriction removed by the voters. You can get this information directly from each taxing authority or from the Department of Local Affairs, State of Colorado, at 303-864-7720.

Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR)