Sales Taxes

  • What is the county sales tax breakdown?  
State Sales Tax:


County Sales Tax: 6.5%
Town of Silverton (Add if within town limits) 1.0%


Building FAQs


What is the largest structure I can build without a permit? If your improvement costs more than $500 or is over 100 square feet, a permit is needed.

What is the required snow load? Snow Load = 90 PSF

What are the basic wind speeds? 70 mph

What must the frost line be at? Minimum of 42 inches below ground


Planning FAQs


• How do I start the development process for a commercial business, subdivision, etc.? Contact Planning at 970.387.5766 to discuss what the project entails.

Can I build a cabin on a mining claim? Yes, cabins can be built on mining claims. Issues such as access and boundaries must be addressed, as well as sight line, size, geographic and hazard considerations.

Do I need an avalanche study? When building on a mining claim, you must get a survey. Once this is completed, an avalanche study may be necessary to locate building sites.

Do I need an engineer to design my septic system? Yes, all septic systems in San Juan County must be designed by a licensed engineer.


Assessor FAQs


  • I applied for Senior Exemption last year. Do I need to re-apply this year?  No. Once you have a senior exemption, you do not need to re-apply.
  • By when do I have to submit my Property Valuation Appeal? Your appeal must be postmarked by June 1. Also, you MUST write in a value that you believe your property was worth as of the previous June and it must be signed


Treasurer's FAQs


  • Is there any county-held property this year? No. As of our 2019 tax sale, there are no county-held properties.