2016 Election Results

The San Juan County Clerk and Recorder's office conducts public elections according to federal and state statutes, and encourages participation by all current and potential eligible electors in San Juan County. The County Clerk and Recorder's office also provides election assistance to other local governments within San Juan County including the Town of Silverton, school districts and special districts.

All elections in Colorado are conducted by mail ballot. As an alternative to returning the voted ballot by mail, a voter also has the option of casting the ballot in person commencing 15 days prior to the election for general elections, and 8 days prior to the election for all other elections through 7:00 p.m. on Election Day at the Voter Service and Polling Center located at the San Juan County Courthouse,
1557 Greene Street, Silverton, Colorado.

Party Affiliation Key
(D) Democrat
(G) Green
(L) Libertarian
(R) Republican
(U) Unaffiliated


2016 Results

November 8, 2016:  Voters casting ballots: 520.  Number of registered voters: 604


Presidential Electors

265   Hillary Clinton /
          Tim Kaine (D)

215   Donald J Trump
​          Michael R Pence (R)

17    Gary Johnson /
          Bill Weld (L)
4    Jill Stein /
          Ajamu Baraka (G)
2   Evan McMullin /
          Nathan Johnson (U)
2    Rod Silva / Richard C
          Silva (Nutrition)

   1    Mike Smith / 
         Daniel White (U)
0    all other candidates


County Commissioner - District 1

291   Pete McKay (D)


County Commissioner - District 2

305   Scott Fetchenier (D)
149   Write-in - Baldwin


San Juan County Referred Issue 1A

Retail Marijuana excise tax
321  Yes
166  No


U.S. Senator

279   Michael Bennet (D)
193   Darryl Glenn (R)
  18   Lily Tang Williams (L)
    4   Arn Menconi (G)
    1   Bill Hammons (Unity)
    2   Dan Chapin (U)
    1   Paul Noel Fiorino (U)


Representative to the U.S. Congress - District 3

222   Scott R. Tipton (R)
248   Gail Schwartz (D)
  22   Gaylon Kent (L)


State Board of Education - Congressional District 3

189   Joyce Rankin (R)
235   Christine Pacheco-
          Koveleski (D)


Regent of the Univ of Colorado 
​At Large

235   Alice Madden (D)
167   Heidi Ganahl (R)


State Representative - District 59

262   Barbara Hall
          McLachlan (D)
219   ​J. Paul Brown (R)


District Attorney - 6th Judicial District

253   ​Christian Champagne (D)


Amendment T

Prohibition of slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment
233  Yes/ For     
213  No/Against)


Amendment U

Possessory Interest property tax exemption
198  Yes/ For     
233  No/Against)


Amendment 69

ColoradoCare single-payer health care
163  Yes/ For     
303  No/Against)


Amendment 70

Increasing the minimum wage
303  Yes/ For     
179  No/Against)


Amendment 71

Constitutional amendment process
229  Yes/ For     
227  No/Against)


Amendment 72

Cigarette Tax
​271  Yes/ For     
214  No/Against)


Proposition 106

367  Yes/ For     
108  No/Against)


Proposition 107

Create presidential primary election
314  Yes/ For
                              145  No/Against)                         


Proposition 108

Allow unaffiliated voters in primary elections
            367  Yes/ For                   
185  No/Against)  

Shall the following be retained in office?

Colorado Supreme Court Justice

William Hood
228  Yes    102  No

Colorado Court of Appeals Judges

Karen M Ashby
​220  Yes     99  No

Michael H Berger
206  Yes    109  No

Steven L Bernard
202  Yes    108  No

Stephanie E Dunn
​209  Yes    103  No

David Furman
204  Yes    104  No

Robert D Hawthorne
​210  Yes    100  No

Jerry N Jones
​195  Yes    115  No

Anthony J Navarro
​198  Yes    110  No

Gilbert M Roman
​208  Yes    101  No

​Diana Terry
​​206  Yes    105  No

District Court Judges - 6th Judicial District

William L Herringer
202  Yes    107  No

​Jeffrey Raymond Wilson
​​213  Yes    100  No


San Juan County Court Judge

Anthony Douglas Edwards
​​396  Yes    63  No