Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

This law is intended to protect the confidentiality of the actual address of a relocated victim of domestic violence, a sexual offense, or stalking.


Before You Register to Vote…

Read and remember the information on this page. If you have any questions, call the Secretary of State’s ACP Voter Registration Coordinator at (303) 894-2200 x 6391.

Basic guidelines you need to follow

For your personal safety, follow these guidelines:

• Register and make all changes to your voter registration through your county’s designated ACP election staff member.  This means:

§ Do not register to vote when you replace, renew or get a driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles

§ Do not register at or with a voter registration drive

§ Do not register at the Department of Human Services or any public assistance agency

§ Do not use the online voter registration system


• Update your voter registration record through your county’s designated ACP election staff member any time you move (including in-county moves). If you have registered to vote as an ACP Voter and you moved and need to update you record, you may do so by submitting a new ACP Voter Registration Form to your county’s ACP designated election staff member.

• Do not participate in activities that jeopardize the confidentiality of your actual address including: § Signing or circulating initiative or referendum petitions

§ Participating in precinct caucuses

§ Serving as an election judge or poll worker


Be aware

If you ever registered to vote in Colorado before enrolling in the ACP Program, that record, including address information may be available to the general public.

Additionally, other “confidential record” programs allow some information, like your county, to be disclosed. As an ACP participant, that information can be made confidential through the ACP voter registration process.

The ACP provides you the means to (re)register to vote while protecting your location to the fullest extent possible under Colorado Law. However, you must take action to make your voter registration records confidential by (re)registering to vote as an ACP Voter.

Registration requirements

The back of the ACP voter registration application provides general information on registration.

Provide your full ACP authorization number when you register to vote. Provide your actual address to ensure that your county clerk and recorder’s office sends you the correct ballot for elections. You must also provide your ACP substitute address apartment number so the ACP administrator will know where to send your ballot and other election-related materials.

Now you are ready to register

Registering by mail

  1.  Make photocopies of your
    • ACP authorization card (front and back of the card)
    • form of required ID

    2.  Complete the Colorado Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) Voter Registration Application.

    3. Mail the completed form and photocopies of your ACP card and ID to your county ACP designated staff member


Registering in person

1. Call your county’s designated ACP representative to schedule an appointment.  (719-655-2512)

2. When you go to your appointment be prepared to provide your

   • ACP authorization card

   • Colorado driver’s license number or state ID number. If you have not been issued either form of ID, you will need to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number and another acceptable form of identification.