Ridgway Town Council

General Information
The Ridgway Town Council consists of seven members including the mayor. Members are elected for two-year terms. The mayor is an elected position, the mayor pro-tem is selected by the Council at the first regular meeting following each annual election. The Council's regular meeting is the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm. The Council holds a workshop on the 3rd Wednesday of every odd month at 6:00 pm.   

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Town Council Photo.JPG

Left to Right: Councilperson Robb Austin, Councilperson Erica Young, Mayor Pro-Tem Eric Johnson,
Mayor John Clark, Councilperson Ellen Hunter, Councilperson Nick Williams,  Councilperson Vicki Hawse. 

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Town Council Contacts 

Mayor  John Clark     jclark@town.ridgway.co.us                                                                                                                  
Mayor Pro-Tem Eric Johnson  ejohnson@town.ridgway.co.us      
Councilors  Robb Austin  raustin@town.ridgway.co.us      
  Ellen Hunter  ehunter@town.ridgway.co.us      
  Vicki Hawse  vhawse@town.ridgway.co.us       
  Erica Young  eYoung@town.ridgway.co.us      
  Nick Williams  nwilliams@town.ridgway.co.us