Ridgway Creative District Committee

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Ridgway Creative District Committee Background
In 2011 Colorado passed HB 11-1031 which gave authority to local governments such as the Town of Ridgway to form Creative Districts, described as a "geographically contiguous hub of cultural facilities, creative industries, or arts-related businesses, intended to promote local entrepreneurship, establish tourism assets, and strengthen a community’s unique cultural identity." HB 11-1031 goes on to further define creative districts as "well-recognized, designated mixed-use area of a community in which a high concentration of cultural facilities, creative businesses, or arts-related businesses serve as the anchor of attraction.” Creative districts may have multiple vacant properties in close proximity that would be suitable for redevelopment and may be home to both nonprofit and for-profit creative industries and organizations."  HB 11-1031
A Committee 
known locally as "G3" was formed from the Ouray County Bottom Up Economic Development Initiative to identify a potential creative district that would apply for state certification in 2012. In March 2012, with the Town of Ridgway as the applicant, Ridgway Creative District was designated as a "Prospective Creative District".
The Ridgway Creative District Committee was formed in May 2012 to implement the "Next Steps" identified in the January 2012 application and to apply for certification as a Creative District for 2013.