Perk Up the Park Pavilion Project

The Town of Ridgway is pleased to announce that a generous donor has offered to pay for a new multi-purpose pavilion at the Regional Athletic Park, to the benefit of local sports groups and community members alike.    

This valuable park improvement is planned to include shelter to protect users of the park from sun and inclement weather, storage rooms for sports clubs to keep their gear safe and tidy, and a concession area for selling and serving food and drink at non-profit community or sporting events. 

Ridgway Town Council approved a funding agreement for this exciting new project at their June meeting.  Town has committed to the pavilion project and is working to fundraise $100,000 in cash and in-kind contributions which the donor will match 3 to 1, up to $300,000, for a total potential project cost of $400,000!! 

Town needs your help raising the funds to make this an even bigger and better project for Ridgway and the entire region.  Please consider making room in your personal budget for a donation to the pavilion project, so that we can enrich the experience at the Ridgway Regional Athletic Park for generations to come.  Walk-in donations are graciously accepted by the Town Clerk’s office at Town Hall, or click on the green button to donate through the Alpine Bank website for this project.  

Please revisit this web page for project updates.

Park Pavilion FAQs:

♦  What will the pavilion look like? 

The design of the pavilion will not be determined until the bid documents are released and a final design is selected using public input.  However, something similar to other structures in town and with open air views and rustic building elements is envisioned. 

♦  Where will the pavilion be located? 

The exact location has not been determined, but proximity to the restrooms would best utilize existing utilities and parking areas.  (The restrooms may be spiffed up, too!)   

♦  Who will use the new pavilion? 

The pavilion will be used for sanctioned sporting events and on a first-come, first-served basis for community events up to 75 people.  Larger events must apply for a permit under the Town’s special event policy.  

♦  Will the pavilion concession area have a kitchen for cooking and selling burgers during games or for holding fundraising events, such as a pancake breakfast? 

The basic pavilion will include a concession stand for selling pre-made and pre-packaged food and drink.  However, if enough money is raised, the concession stand could include refrigeration and grill or griddle to accommodate a greater variety of food services.  

♦  How much storage will be available? 

Storage will be reserved for the local sports groups who practice and play at the park regularly.  The size of the units will be determined based on budget and overall size of the pavilion. 

♦  When will the pavilion be built? 

The general project timeline is:

August - December 2019
Design (with public input)
August - January 2020
March - Fall 2020
Commence, monitor and finalize pavilion construction
March - December 2020

For questions about the Perk Up the Park Pavilion Project, please contact:

Shay Coburn, Town Planner
(970) 626-5308 x 222