Perk Up the Park Pavilion Project

A very generous and anonymous donor has committed to contribute $3 for every $1 raised by the community to design and build a pavilion in the Athletic Park.  The project total will be around $400,000. This pavilion will include shelter to protect users of the park from sun and inclement weather, storage rooms for sports clubs to keep their gear safe and tidy, and a concession area for selling and serving food and drink at non-profit community or sporting events.


Park Pavilion FAQs:

♦  What will the pavilion look like and where will it be located? 

Multiple concepts were reviewed by the public in November, see the full presentation of concepts here. The below design, layout and location of the pavilion was preferred by the stakeholders and public.

2019.11.22 Pavilion Design.jpg
2019.11.22 Pavilion Design 2.jpg

♦  Who will use the new pavilion? 

The pavilion will be available to the community. It can be used by sports groups, community groups, and individuals wanting a place to sit. Current special event policies will apply - for reservations and events over 75 people you must apply for a permit.

♦  What else will be part of this project?

We have gathered a list of desires from the community and will address them as funding allows. We hope to at least spiff up the existing restroom and include a mural on the new pavilion. See the meeting notes from the November 14th public meeting here for the full list of requests.

♦  When will the pavilion be built? 

The general project timeline is:

August - December 2019
Design (with public input)
August - January 2020
March - Fall 2020

Please revisit this web page for project updates.

For questions about the Perk Up the Park Pavilion Project, please contact:

Shay Coburn, Town Planner
(970) 626-5308 x 222