Ouray County Housing Advisory Committee

General Information
The Ouray County Housing Advisory Committee (OCHAC) is comprised of 5 members:  one member is appointed by the City of Ouray; one member is appointed by the Town of Ridgway, and one member is appointed by Ouray County; two joint members are appointed by Ouray, Ridgway and Ouray County.

Current Members

  • Don Batchelder, OCHAC President, Ouray County Commissioner
  • Bette Mauer, OCHAC Vice President, City of Ouray Council Member
  • Robb Austin, OCHAC Treasurer, Town of Ridgway Council Member
  • Shirley Diaz, OCHAC Secretary, Member at Large
  • Chris Pike, OCHAC Member, Member at Large

**Meeting dates are subject to change. Generally, meetings are held at 5:30PM at the Ouray County Land Use / Road and Bridge Facility located at 111 Mall Road, Ridgway. **


For more information, please contact Hannah Hollenbeck, hhollenbeck@ouraycountyco.gov or (970)-325-7320.