Did you know that a Master Plan, sometimes called a Comprehensive Plan, is the guiding document for the Town’s future?  The Town of Ridgway is currently updating its Master Plan. 

Your ideas and participation are needed to help shape Ridgway's future! 

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What is a Master Plan? 

 A Master Plan is a community’s primary long-term planning document, defining the community’s big picture vision for the future and presenting a road map for achieving that vision. The Town of Ridgway’s Master Plan will be developed by engaging citizens, stakeholders, Town leaders and staff to provide input on a broad spectrum of existing conditions, community issues, and expected future trends. Once a shared vision and goals for the community are established, the community will move towards developing policies to ensure day-to-day actions and decision-making support the vision and goals of the Master Plan. The goals will also be supported by a set of feasible actions that can be readily implemented by staff, Town leaders, and community organizations. 

What Topics are Addressed in the Master Plan?

Topics addressed in Ridgway's updated Master Plan will include:

Future growth and development
Economic vitality
Environmental stewardship
Community services, infrastructure, and facilities
Sustainability and resilience
Arts and culture
Parks and Recreation
And more!
Isn’t the Town already addressing that?
The Town of Ridgway is engaged in a number of ongoing efforts that address these topics (such as promoting accessory dwelling units and the Ridgway Creative District). Instead of replacing these efforts, the Master Plan represents an opportunity to understand how these ongoing efforts relate to one another.  It will also guide the Town in moving forward in a comprehensive, cross-cutting manner to effectively and efficiently achieve the community's vision for its future.
To see current Master Plan documents, click here and go to the Master Plan Documents section.
For further information about Ridgway's Master Planning process, contact Shay Coburn, Town Planner, at scoburn@town.ridgway.co.us, or Diedra Silbert, Community Initiatives Facilitator, at dsilbert@town.ridgway.co.us.
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