Marshal's Office


Our Team 
The Marshal's Office (pictured from left to right) consists of Marshal Tammy Stroup, Deputy Shane Schmalz, Deputy Monty English, and Victim Advocate Elaine Wood

  • The Marshal's (Police) Department consists of the marshal and deputies and dispatchers, judge and court clerk which are contracted services with other agencies.
  • The Marshal's Department provides general law enforcement to maintain public peace and safety; protect life and property and prevent crime. 
  • Conducts investigations; apprehends violators of the law; provides patrol services; enforces town regulations, state and federal statutes. 
  • Responds to requests for assistance; enforces traffic laws; provides animal control enforcement. 
  • Implements continuous officer training. 
  • Maintains cooperative relations with adjoining and overlapping law enforcement jurisdictions, including the Ouray County Sheriff.
  • Provides support to Ridgway School District.
  • Assists as requested in the enforcement of building and zoning code violations.

Law Enforcement Resources 
Ridgway Municipal Code Chapter 15 Traffic Regulations
2003 Model Traffic Code (Ordinance 10-01)
Dog Regulations & Leash Law (2017 Update)
Traffic Tickets and Citations (page processing) 
Court Information 
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How to Contact Staff 


Tammy Stroup



Shane Schmalz 



 Monty English  

Victim Advocate  Elaine Wood  970-626-5196