Marshal's Office

Our Team 
The Marshal's Office consists of Marshal Shane Schmalz, Deputy Ryan Hanson, Deputy Jeff Pickle, and Victim Advocate Elaine Wood.

  • The Marshal's (Police) Department consists of the marshal and deputies and dispatchers, judge and court clerk which are contracted services with other agencies.
  • The Marshal's Department provides general law enforcement to maintain public peace and safety; protect life and property and prevent crime. 
  • Conducts investigations; apprehends violators of the law; provides patrol services; enforces town regulations, state and federal statutes. 
  • Responds to requests for assistance; enforces traffic laws; provides animal control enforcement. 
  • Implements continuous officer training. 
  • Maintains cooperative relations with adjoining and overlapping law enforcement jurisdictions, including the Ouray County Sheriff.
  • Provides support to Ridgway School District.
  • Assists as requested in the enforcement of building and zoning code violations.

Law Enforcement Resources 
Ridgway Municipal Code Chapter 15 Traffic Regulations
2003 Model Traffic Code (Ordinance 10-01)
Dog Regulations & Leash Law (2017 Update)
Traffic Tickets and Citations (page processing) 
Court Information 
(page processing) 

How to Contact Staff 

 Town Marshal 

Shane Schmalz


Deputy Marshal II 

Ryan Hanson 

Deputy Marshal II 

 Jeff Pickle  

Victim Advocate  Elaine Wood  970-626-5196