Community Development

Diedra Silbert, Mike Gill, Shay Coburn

Our Team (from left to right) 
Community Development consists of Community Initiatives (Diedra Silbert); Building (Mike Gill); and Planning (Shay Coburn). 

Community Initiatives 
The Community Initiatives Facilitator 
plans, organizes and directs various initiatives and projects that bring the community together and nurture the local economy, such as the Ridgway Creative District, Main Street, and Space to Create Ridgway.

The Building Official is responsible for building permit processing, the issuance and review of applications, inspections of projects to ensure safety, and enforcement of the Building Code and Ridgway Municipal Code. 

The Planner develops strategic land use planning in accordance with the Town’s Master Plan, Municipal Code, and land use decisions through the Planning Commission, informs Town land use policies, and works with the Building Department to process permits for new development.