Bears in Ridgway

General Information
bearsFor residential properties, trash may only be put outside the day of pickup (Tuesday if you live north of Highway 62, Friday if you live south of Highway 62). If you have a rental property, please ensure your renters know the town rules for a  secure lid on all trash and only putting trash out on the day of pickup. The Town of Ridgway and Colorado Parks and Wildlife are aware of the bear in town. We need your help to move the bear out of town by ensuring all trash is secured and not accessible to the bear. The Town Council is planning to consider an ordinance on September 13th that requires all properties in town to have an animal-resistant container.If you have a commercial or multi-family trash container, please ensure you have a secure, locked, metal lid. Your trash provider should work with you to ensure you have an animal-resistant container. Thank you for your cooperation!


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