Legislative Liaison

The State Legislative Liaison is responsible for outreach efforts with members of Colorado’s General Assembly.  The State Legislative Liaison develops and advances CDOR's annual legislative agenda while serving as the Department’s representative in the Colorado State Capitol during each legislative session.  
The Legislative Liaison advises the Executive Director and the Executive Committee on pending issues before the state legislature and provides strategic and analytical support to identify potential impacts of legislation to the Department.
Contact Melissa Martinez, Citizens' Advocate and Public Information and Legislative Consultant at dor.citizensadvocate@state.co.us with questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding the Colorado Department of Revenue.  
For specific legislative questions, please contact Jean Robinson, Legislative Liaison, at jean.robinson@state.co.us.
The second regular session of the 71st General Assembly adjourned on May 9, 2018.  The first regular session of the 72nd General Assembly will convene on January 4, 2019.