Use this form to ask general questions to help navigate through the Department of Revenue's four divisions; Enforcement, Lottery, Motor Vehicle and Tax. 

Contact the appropriate division for information about your personal record.


The most asked Taxation Division questions are:  

Q. How can I apply for or close a sales tax or wage withholding license? 
A. You will find these answers on the Taxation Division Business webpage
Q. I need help or advice with filing my income tax return.  
A. The Taxation Division has many FYIs that offer guidance.  Contact a tax professional if these FYIs do not answer your question .  The Taxation Division is unable to provide specific tax advice. 
Q. Where can I find the 2020 Wage Withholding requirements?
A. Colorado Income Tax Wage Withholding Booklet (Form DR 1098) and other forms are found on the Tax Division Website
Q. How do businesses send 1099s to Colorado?
A. Businesses are not required to submit 1099s to the State.  Taxpayers are required to include 1099s with tax returns.  

The most asked Division of Motor Vehicle questions are:  

Q. I am new to Colorado.  How do I apply for a driver license/ID and register my car. 
A. Visit the DMV website for information for New Colorado residents. 
Q. How do I pay the citation?
A. Visit the DMV's Tickets and Penatly Assessments web page for information.