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Purgatory Metropolitan District

At this site you will find community updates, Board Meeting agendas, meeting minutes and other community information.  This site is updated regularly with new information.

Billing Update!

We are now able to send utility bills via email. If you would like to receive your bill via email please send your email address to 

Board Meeting Agenda Posting Sites

Effective January 18, 2017, the District Board approved official Board Meeting Agenda posting sites for 2017.  All Board meeting agendas will be officially posted at the following sites prior to each meeting: Purgatory Metro Community Center Posting Board,  Purgatory Lodge Front Desk, Mail Box cluster in front of East Rim Condominiums, front door of the Community Services Center, Tacoma Village mail box cluster, Durango Mountain Institue and the Engineer Village mail box cluster.  The agenda is also posted in the office of the La Plata County Clerk and Recorder and on the District's website.

​Transparency Notices

Consumer Confidence Report - Drinking Water

The District has filed its 2015 Consumer Confidence Report regarding the quality of drinking water provided by the District.   

Source Water Protection

In 2015, eight public water suppliers, collaborating under the Animas Drinking Water Alliance, formed a Steering Committee to develop and implement a Source Water Protection Plan for thier drinking water sources on the Animas River. Follow the link below to view the flyer and see how you can help preserve our source waters. 

Upcoming Meetings

Next Board of Directors Meeting (Please note location) - December, 13th 2017, 8:30am, at Dalton Ranch Clubhouse 589 Cr 252.   

​Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

​Download Past Meeting Minutes

Local Wild Life

Please don't feed the bears, racoons and other animals, do not leave trash or food scraps behind as they attract wild life. Please place all trash in wildlife proof containers or take it inside. DO NOT leave food or trash in your car. Even with the great snow we had this season wild fire is still a big concern, fires should always be in designated fire pits, never leave a fire unattended. To learn more about living with Wildlife follow the link below.