Rules and Regulations

Virtually all state government agencies issue rules and regulations of some kind. Most rules and regulations exist at the direction of the state legislature in order to regulate certain business and personal activities. Rules and regulations exist because it’s easier to update them, eliminate them, or alter them administratively than it is to pass new legislation each year as conditions change.

The process of reviewing and changing rules and regulations is a public one. The rules and regulations issued by the Colorado Department of Public Safety are shown here so that you may know about the process and can comment on how they could affect you or your business. Your comments will be taken into consideration during the rulemaking process, and you are always welcome to attend any meetings associated with the rulemaking process.  If you have questions concerning CDPS rules, please cont(act CDPS Rules Administrator, Bobbie Mooney at


Rulemaking Hearing by Division of Fire Prevention and Control

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) will hold a virtual rulemaking hearing regarding two sets of administrative rules. DFPC is proposing changes to the Schools rules (8 CCR 1507-30) and the Health Facilities rules (8 CCR 1507-31). 

Virtual Hearing: Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at 2:00PM.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this rulemaking hearing will be a virtual meeting held on the Zoom platform, allowing attendance only via phone and/or video conference. Registration in advance is required in order to attend the hearing. Click Here to Register to Attend the Virtual Hearing. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

A copy of the Rulemaking Hearing Exhibits are available here. Please note that the exhibits posted here online do not include the names and contact information of stakeholders we communicated with regarding this hearing and the opportunity to comment. Complete evidence of our stakeholder outreach efforts will be included in the permanent record of this rulemaking, and may be viewed at our offices upon request.

The proposed rule changes to both sets of rules include changes to address the Division’s need to raise fees related to inspections and plan reviews, which is necessary in order for the Division to defray the anticipated costs of the program. Second, the changes include updates that would require reporting of fires that occur in buildings covered by the rules. And finally, the proposed changes include correction of grammatical and formatting errors and other minor changes such as updates to definitions and minor procedural requirements. 

Drafts of the rules showing the propose changes are available here:

DRAFT Schools Rules (8 CCR 1507-30)

DRAFT Health Facilities Rules (8 CCR 1507-31)

Comments regarding the proposed rules may be submitted using this online Comment Form. Alternatively, comments may be submitted via email to DFPC's Fire and Life Safety Chief, Chris Brunette.

For more information about rulemaking at CDPS, please contact our Rules Administrator, Bobbie Mooney. 

As always, DFPC’s rules as currently adopted are available on the Secretary of State’s website here.