Colorado State Patrol introduces #HiddenScars video series for National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week

(Nov. 13, 2018) On Tuesday November 13, the Colorado State Patrol introduced a new video series entitled "#HiddenScars" on their social media channels in conjunction with the National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week.  The videos feature a new responder each Tuesday, and explore how incidents and tragedies go far beyond the victims involved. These scars can continue to haunt responders never allowing them to be able to let go of what they have experienced while on the job.   

During the week of November 11 through 17, first responders including those from the Colorado State Patrol, fire departments, emergency medical services, tow companies, CDOT, NHTSA, and various other agencies are joining forces for a common purpose: keeping each other safe while in the performance of their jobs. 

"We know our jobs are dangerous, and we have been reminded of that far too many times with fallen officers and other public servants killed in the line of duty" said Deputy Chief Mark Savage of the Colorado State Patrol.  "Educating first responders and the motoring public can greatly reduce or even eliminate these tragedies entirely."

By creating and teaching first responders who work on traffic related incidents how to properly stage, secure, and clear a scene, not only increases the safety of everyone (responders and citizens), it helps reduce the amount of time spent on scene.  In turn, this helps to reduce congestion and dangerous driving conditions for those not involved.  

The other crucial factor is reminding drivers to use caution when approaching and driving near crash scenes and maintenance areas.  Every year, public safety professionals are struck by vehicles and either injured or killed as they are trying to work on an already active scene.  If you see emergency personnel on the road, give them room to work and give yourself room to stay safe.