Throughout the state of Colorado, basic public safety services are delivered through local units of government. County sheriffs enforce state laws in Colorado’s counties, and local police departments enforce state and local laws within cities. The Colorado Department of Public Safety provides help to sheriffs, police and fire departments, and emergency managers whenever local officials request assistance. 

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Stan Hilkey
Executive Director
Colorado Department of Public Safety
Rebecca Spiess
Deputy Executive Director
Colorado Department of Public Safety

Colorado native Stan Hilkey began his service as Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety in June 2014 after more than 11 years serving as Sheriff of Mesa County. His leadership in Evidence Based Decision Making (EBDM) will continue in his new role as Executive Director of CDPS and as Chair of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.


Appointed Deputy Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety by Executive Director Stan Hilkey in May 2015, Rebecca Spiess served Mesa County, Colorado, for more than 10 years in various sworn officer positions in the Sheriff’s Office. 


Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control
Mike Morgan - Director 

Colorado Bureau of Investigation
John Camper - Director
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Division of Criminal Justice
Joe Thome - Director
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Joe Thome



Division of Homeland Security Emergency Management
Kevin R. Klein - Director
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Colorado State Patrol
Matt Packard - Chief
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Colorado School Safety Resource Center

Although not a formal division but an office of CDPS, the Colorado School Safety Resource Center assists local schools with safety planning, trains local officials on a wide range of school and student safety issues including bullying and suicide prevention, and helps school administrators and faculty find ways of addressing virtually any safety need.

Human Resources

Human Resources hires new members of CDPS divisions and provides assistance to all members with benefit information, orientation, training and position development. HR, like the Colorado School Safety Resource Center, is a component of the Executive Director’s Office.

Executive Directors Office

The Executive Director’s Office supervises all divisions, develops the department’s budget and policies, provides liaison to the Colorado General Assembly, helps members of the public determine what CDPS office can provide assistance to them, supervises payroll and procurement services within the department and works with the Office of the Governor to carry out the mission of the department.

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