Colorado Department of Public Safety
700 Kipling Street #1000
Denver, CO  80215 USA
CDPS Main Number:  303-239-4400    Fax:  303-239-5775
CDPS Executive Director's Office 303-239-4398
CDPS Citizen's Advocate 303-239-4217
Colorado Bureau of Investigation (Denver) 303-239-4201
Colorado Bureau of Investigation (Grand Junction) 970-248-7500
Colorado Bureau of Investigation (Pueblo) 719-542-1133
Colorado State Patrol (Denver Headquarters) 303-239-4500
Colorado State Patrol (by region)
Division of Criminal Justice 303-239-4442
Division of Fire Prevention and Control 303-239-4600
Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 720-852-6600
School Safety Resource Center 303-239-4435
CDPS Human Resources 303-239-4427
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Please note: CDPS does NOT manage Driver's Licenses or Registration.  Inquiries about Driver's Licenses or Registration must be directed to the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles.

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