Career Paths

A Day in the Life of a CDPS Member

Watch these videos to have a glimpse of what it is to be a CSP Trooper and a Police Communications Officer. 


Top CDPS Careers

We offer diverse opportunities and meaningful assignments to our employees.  CDPS careers include: 

  • Careers in law enforcement: State Patrol Troopers, Firefighters and Criminal Investigators
  • Professional careers: Finance, Emergency Management, Compliance, Management and Supervisors
  • CSP Dispartchers and Port of Entry Officers, Administrative support staff
  • Trades

Getting Started in a Career in Public Safety

Career Path

What does the position do?

What skills are most important?

What kind of degree do I need?

What can I expect to earn as a beginner?

1. Executive Security Officer

Provides security for the State Capitol and other state buildings.

Ability to work in a team

Communication skills


High School/GED

$18 hourly

$3,114 monthly

$37,438 annually

2. Communication Officer

Non-sworn telecommunication specialists who provide a "life-line" to law enforcement officers.

Communication skills (written and verbal)

Data entry

Analytical/quantitative skills

High School/GED

$19.30 hourly

$3,339 monthly

$40,068 annually

3. Port of Entry Officer

Safety, size and weight regulation. The duties contribute to highway safety and saving lives.

Problem-solving skills

Communication skills (verbal)


High School/GED (preferred)

$21.40 hourly

$3,702 monthly

$44,424 annually

4. Cadet/State Trooper

Trains to become a State Trooper to patrol highways ensuring public safety by enforcing all state and federal laws pertaining to the traffic network.

Strong work ethic


High School/GED

$31.30 hourly

$5,420 monthly

$65,040 annually

5.Fingerprint Examiner

Receives training to positively  identify and match fingerprints, update and preserve the criminal information database with submitted criminal and civil information.

Computer skills

Attention to detail

High School/GED

$19.60 hourly

$3,402 monthly

$40,824 annually

6. Forensic Scientist

Preserves, screens/ analyses and interprets biological evidence (blood, semen, saliva) collected in criminal cases for law enforcement agencies.




Strong work ethic

Time management

BA in biology, chemistry, clinical chemistry, pharmacology or other natural science field.

$24.7 hourly

$4,273 monthly

$51,276 annually

7. Accountant

Prepares, reviews, analyzes, and summarizes accounting activities.


Attention to detail

Team work

Bachelor's degree in Accounting

$21 hourly

$3,635 monthly

$43,620 annually

8. Wildland Firefighter

Works as a crewmember (as part of an engine, squad, helicopter or handcrew) in wildfire suppression.

Ability to operate motor vehicles, travel extensively

Ability to maintain an arduous physical fitness level

Team work

Must be qualified  as a Firefighter Type 2 by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group

$19.50 hourly

$3,382 monthly

$40,584 annually

9. Emergency Preparedness and Communications Specialist

Develops, coordinates, and implements emergency plans and procedures, community outreach strategies, analyzes information concerning emergencies and/or disasters, plans and conducts exercises.

Problem-solving skills

Communication skills

Analytical skills

Bachelor's degree

$19.50 hourly

$3,382 monthly

$40,584 annually