• Tired volunteers who were giving away coffee and hot chocolate to people getting Christmas trees.

    End of the day at Christmas Tree Fundraiser

  • Poudre Canyon Helmet

    PCFPD Helmet

  • Learnig Pump Operations on Big Red

    Learning Pump Operations

  • Firefighters learning to take to roof off of a vehicle.

    Extrication Training

Chili Cook-Off 2019 a SUCCESS!

The 8thAnnual Chili Cook-Off (2019) was a tremendous success and a good time was had by all who attended. The Station 2 fire bay was transformed to host the 125 folks who decided among 23 crock pots which was the tastiest chili in the room. Three official judges, Andy Collins, Matt O'Leary, and Ryan Beck, tasted them all and came to a consensus. The Chili contest winners were:

Judges Choice, Green/White – Mike Bilo

Judges Choice, Red – Kelly Matzner

People’s Choice, Green/White - Mike Everett

People’s Choice, Red – Dennis Chiasson

As for the fundraiser itself, we broke our previous record and earned over $23,000 for our fire department. This was truly a community endeavor. Thanks to all who attended and supported the fire department through their generous donations of time, chilies, cornbreads, desserts and auction items.  We cannot do what we do without all your support.  


Chili Cook-Off Committee

Folks sampling the chili for the contest

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