Web Forms

Access the following WebForms:

Please use the following links to gain POST Portal (Acadis) account access, or you may access these links on the POST Portal login page via the "WebForms" link at upper right.

Individual Portal Account Request Form - Use this form if you are a certified officer in the state of Colorado and are seeking portal access to view your records. (If you are a training coordinator for your agency, please use the Training Manager/Workforce Portal Account Request form, below. Individual account access will be included).

Training Manager/Workforce Access Use this form if you are an employed, certified officer in the state of Colorado and are serving as a training manager/coordinator for your agency and/or will be responsible for appointing/separating officers for your agency (Individual access will be included).  An email will be sent to your agency head who must authorize the request.

PID Request Form ​Use this form to request PIDs for non-certified staff.  Requesting party must have workforce/training permissions. This WebForm is only viewable after portal login.  PIDs will only be issued to peace officers covered under 16-2.5 CRS. 

If you do not know/cannot find a previously assigned PID, please contact POST at 720-508-6721