Separate an Officer or Update Title/Rank

To SEPARATE an Employee, OR Change rank of an employee:

Click on the Personnel tab and choose See A List of Personnel.

For each employee, you'll see three dots on the right hand side of their information. Click on the three dots and choose Update Employment (screenshot below).

Contact Information

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The Update Employment screen (screenshots below) allows you to separate an employee, as well as enter a promotion, demotion, or reassignment.
  • Click on the drop down arrows to select the correct Update Action.
  • Please add the correct Effective Date (default is today's date).
  • Employment Status should be entered as Active for reassignments, promotions, or demotions. YOU MUST ENTER Separated or Terminated for officers leaving the agency. Terminated indicates the individual's separation was not at their own request.
  • Enter the new Title/Rank if you are entering a promotion/demotion/reassignment. This field does not need to be changed with separations/terminations.
  • Enter the Employment Type. Please use CERTIFIED PEACE OFFICER if the employee is POST-certified. Please DO NOT ENTER "Sworn Officer" for POST-certified officers, as it has different meanings for different agencies and is often used for non-POST-certified individuals.
  • Appointment Type is not tracked by POST, but you may enter it if you choose.
  • Comments – You may enter comments if you wish, such as "Form 6 completed," "Retired," "Moved to Kansas" or other pertinent information.
  • Click on Submit Request on the bottom of the screen after the rank change or separation. All submissions will be reviewed and approved or rejected by POST staff.To separate an employee from your agency, login to the Portal, click on the "Personnel" tab, and then click on "Request an Update"
We must continue to receive a Form 5 and documentation for name changes. Please email, fax or mail Form 5s and documentation for name changes to POST.