Reserve Certification

In order to obtain a Reserve certification to act ONLY as a reserve, you must attend a Reserve academy. The minimum number of hours is 209 hours without the driving module, or 253 hours with the driving module.

Reserve certification allows you to act as a reserve officer ONLY.  Reserve positions are voluntary and unpaid.  There is NO bridge academy to obtain full Basic Certification from a Reserve Certification. Completion of a full Basic academy is required to become a paid, certified officer.

Contact Information

For questions regarding Reserve certification, call 720-508-6721 or click to email.

Reserve certification remains active for three years (if not assigned to an agency), or three years from your last day of separation from an agency. It does not expire as long as you are acting as a reserve officer for an agency. Reserve certification is not renewable after expiration and you must attend another full Reserve Academy.

Officers with a Basic certification may act as reserve officers for a certified agency.  Working as a reserve officer will keep your certification in force.

Please refer to C.R.S. §16-2.5-110.  Reserve police officer – reserve deputy sheriff – reserve deputy town marshal – definitions and Rule 12 - Reserve Certification for further information regarding the requirements and responsibilities for Reserve officers.

Click here for information about certification of non-United States citizens.