Request for POST Portal Access

Before requesting portal access, try logging in with your work email address. If this does not work, try your personal email address. If necessary, please disable your popup blocker, then use the "reset my password" link.  You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.  All academies provided email addresses for those on their academy roster, and every officer is given access when certified. There is a high chance you already have access with one of your email accounts even though you may not have logged in.

  • Every Academy student is given access upon or several days after graduation.
  • Please note that any spaces after your email will create an error message.  Please delete any extra spaces after your login email address.


Click to email.

POST Portal Login 

If you still cannot gain access, you may submit this form:

Individual Portal Account Request Form

This form is for Colorado POST-certified officers seeking an individual portal account. (If you require Training Manager access, you must use the Training Manager Access form, which can be found by logging into the Acadis Portal and selecting the Academy Resources tab and then "Webforms.")