POST Rules and Manual

Current and previous copies of the POST Manual, curriculum bibliography, and current training programs are available for viewing or printing.

POST Manual:  Click to view the current manual. (January 2020)

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POST Rules

You may view and/or print individual rules, or a pdf of all rules, below:
All Rules Combined
Rule 1 - Definitions
Rule 2 - Meetings
Rule 3 - Director's Authority
Rule 4 - Subject Matter Experts (SME)
Rule 5 - Hearings
Rule 6 - Declaratory Orders
Rule 7 - Variances
Rule 8 - Process for Seeking Exemption from Statutory Certification Restrictions
Rule 9 - Revocation Hearings
Rule 10 - Basic Peace Officer Certification
Rule 11 - Provisional Certification
Rule 12 - Reserve Certification
Rule 13 - Renewal of Basic Certification
Rule 14 - Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Record Check
Rule 15 - Certification Examination Basic, Provisional, Renewal
Rule 16 - Skills Examinations for Provisional and Renewal Applicants
Rule 17 - Certification Records
Rule 18 - Certification Suspension And Revocation - Basic, Provisional, Renewal, And Reserves
Rule 19 - Vehicle Identification Number Inspectors
Rule 20 - Vehicle Identification Number Inspector Programs
Rule 21 - Basic and Reserve Training Academies
Rule 22 - Concerning Sunrise Review of Peace Officer Status
Rule 23 - Academy Skills Instructors
Rule 24 - Skills Training Safety and Skills Program Requirements for Basic and Reserve Academies
Rule 25 - Academy Instructor Training Programs
Rule 26 - Academy and Training Program Inspections
Rule 27 - Retired Law Enforcement Officer Authority to Carry Concealed Firearms
Rule 28 - In-Service Training Program
Rule 29 - Hiring Standards

Curriculum Bibliography

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Past Basic Academy Program Requirements

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