POST Board Members and Staff

2018 POST Board Members and Staff

Revised 4/26/18


Board Members Board Staff Board Counsel
Cynthia Coffman
Attorney General
Erik J. Bourgerie
POST Director
 Stacy Worthington
 Assistant Attorney General 
Chief Dan Brennan
Wheat Ridge Police Department
Assistant Chair
Becky Calomino
Grant Manager
Senior Investigator Tonya Barnes
Eighteenth Judicial District
Bob Baker
Training Services Division Manager
Sheriff Ron Bruce
Hinsdale County Sheriff's Office
Susan Carter
Training Coordinator
Sergeant Lonnie Chavez
Grand Junction Police Department
Dan Griffin
Training Coordinator

Chief Cory Christensen
Steamboat Springs Police Department
Kimberly Hernandez
Grant Applications
Chief John Collins
Englewood Police Department
Lori Jencks
Administrative Coordinator
Deputy Amanda Cruz-Giordano
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office
Joe Piccinetti
Compliance Specialist
Sheriff Chad Day
Yuma County Sheriff's Office
aJared Torsney
Marijuana Training Specialist
Chief Debra Funston
Palisade Police Department
Executive Director Stan Hilkey
Department of Public Safety
Professor Kara Hoofnagle
Johnson & Wales University
Section Chief Susan "Zeke" Knox
United States Attorney’s Office
Mr. Robert A. Lees
Robert A. Lees & Associates
Sheriff Michael McIntosh
Adams County Sheriff's Office
Chief John Minor
Silverthorne Police Department
Sheriff Steve Nowlin
Montezume County Sheriff's Office
Chief Michael Phibbs
Auraria Dept. of Public Safety
Director Jane Quimby
Colorado Mesa University Dept. of Public Safety
Mayor Ronald Rakowsky
Greenwood Village 
Special Agent in Charge Calvin Shivers
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Sheriff Anthony Spurlock
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Mr. Bradley F. Taylor
Goetz Insurors
Sheriff Frederick Wegener
Park County Sheriff’s Office