Information About Decertification for Untruthfulness Law

Effective August 2, 2019, the POST Board is required by law to revoke the certification of any peace officer who is found to have knowingly made an untruthful statement concerning a material fact OR omitted a material fact:
1)     On a criminal justice record.
2)     While testifying under oath.
3)     During an internal affairs investigation.
4)     During an administrative/disciplinary process.
Also, a law enforcement agency that determines an officer has been untruthful in one of the above circumstances is required to notify POST.
POST has several resources designed to help officers and agencies understand this new process. Click on each of the below links for further information:
Form 13 (used by agencies to report untruthfulness incidents)
If you have questions about this law, the implementation, or your responsibility, please contact POST directly. You can ask to speak to the Compliance Manager or the P.O.S.T. Director.
POST Compliance Manager: POST Director:
Cathy Rodriguez Erik Bourgerie
(720) 508-6725 (720) 508-6736