Legal Updates

House Bill 15-1305 has created significant changes to the extraction of marijuana concentrate in Colorado. This new code section went into effect on July 1, 2015.

This bill has specifically banned the extraction of marijuana concentrate using an inherently hazardous substance by an unlicensed entity or person.

NEW CODE SECTION 18-18-406.6
  • This code section must be used when charging an individual with unlawful extraction of marijuana concentrate.
  • This code section makes it a Class 2 Drug Felony.
  • Specifically reads "Inherently Hazardous Substance"

This bill bans the following substances:

  1. Butane
  2. Propane
  3. Diethyl Ether
  4. Any liquid chemical, compressed gas or commercial product that has a flash point of lower than 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Excluding all forms of alcohol or ethanol extraction methods.

Contact Information

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Training Coordinator
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Dan Griffin
Training Coordinator
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  • No explosion is necessary to charge with this code section. If you can prove through testimony and evidence the individual/entity was extracting marijuana concentrate then you may charge under this code section.
  • If there is an explosion due to an unlawful extraction process you may also charge under this code section in addition to any other applicable Title 18 codes.