Instructions to Appoint an Officer

Effective January 31, 2016, a Physical/Psychological Affidavit (Form 6) must be completed and submitted for EVERY CERTIFIED OFFICER APPOINTMENT TO YOUR AGENCY.

Only the POST Form 6 filled out correctly will be accepted. Your appointment request WILL be rejected if:

  1. You submit a copy of the evaluation instead of the Form 6
  2. You do not make sure your appointment dates match in your request and on your Form 6
  3. You do not change the Employment Status to "Separated" when you are separating someone

If the officer's previous law enforcement agency has provided access to proof of a phys/psych evaluation performed within the past three years, please indicate on the Form 6 that the evaluations were NOT completed by your agency and provide the name of the agency who completed the most recent evaluations. See Physical/Psychological Evaluations for further information and Colorado Revised Statutes.

Select "Request to Add Employee" as you normally would under the Personnel tab. You will be able to complete a fillable pdf Form 6 in the same window and attach it to your request. The request cannot be submitted without the Form 6 pdf.

Enter the last name and PID number of the person you are appointing, then select "Search"(screenshot below).

*Please note: If you do not know and individual's PID, you may contact POST at 720-508-6721 or email to request it. Individuals with Portal access can find their PID number by logging into the Portal.

  1. Fill out the "Employment Information" section. Below the "Employee Information" section of the "Request to Add an Employee" page you will see a new "Employment Documents" section with the Upload icon in the center and the blue question mark to the right. Click on the blue question mark to open the fillable Form 6 in the help text (See screenshot below.) You may also download a Form 6 on the POST website/Forms section, complete, and upload when you are ready to make an appointment.

  2. Enter the information into the fields on the Form 6 and save it on your computer as a pdf. (Please do not print and handwrite the form.)
  3. Click on the Upload icon at the bottom center of the "Employee Documents" section, select the saved pdf and click on "Upload."

    After you upload the document, you should be able to see the PDF as shown below:

  4. Click on Submit Request. Your request will be reviewed and approved by POST staff as usual.