Grant Program Guidelines

In order to be considered for funding, applicants must submit an application via the POST grant management database by March 31st each year. Entities that have received previous funding from POST have continual access to the database. New applicants should contact Grant Manager Kimberly Hernandez for access to the system and to receive further instructions at

As a condition of funding, POST-designated Training Regions shall conduct and submit a needs assessment of the area or Region served that contains an executive summary, including key findings and priorities and a description of the needs assessment process along with their application. Additional details are available in the POST Grant Guidelines.

Eligible Recipient Agencies

Contact Information

Kimberly Hernandez
Grant Manager
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Susan Carter
Grant and Training Coordinator
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Eligible applicants must be a local government, college, university or not-for-profit for the purpose of funding peace officer training programs. Eligible use of funds includes; training, training equipment, training supplies, backfill and travel costs for both student and instructor. Program delivery and grant administrative funds are also available.

Grants are not provided to individuals.

Please see the current Colorado POST Grant Guidelines.

Funding Application

The program year (the starting and ending date of the POST grant) is July 1st through June 30th each year. In order to be considered for funding for a given program year, applicants must submit an application via the POST grant management database. Applications are due March 31st each year. Agencies who have not received previous funding should send an email request to Kimberly Hernandez at to receive access to the grant management database.

Allowable Student Expenses

Travel costs for students traveling for official training are eligible and include commercial transportation, air fare, registration costs, tuition, parking, public transportation, computer connection fees, mileage, per diem and lodging.


The provision of personnel resources to fill the position of a law enforcement officer, who is traveling to or from, attending or conducting training, is allowable. Actual salary and overtime, not to exceed $50, per hour is allowable.

Allowable Peace Officer and Professional Trainer Instructor Fees

Instructor fees, per diem, travel costs (in and out of state) and lodging are allowable costs to compensate instructors who conduct training for law enforcement agencies.

Allowable Training Supplies

Supplies are items that are expended or consumed during the course of the training class such as targets, ammunition, Simunitions, printing, manuals, field guides, etc. These materials are allowable costs.

Allowable Equipment Purchases

The purchase of equipment which facilitates training is allowable. Examples include, but are not limited to; firearms and driving simulators, ammunition, Simunitions, track car maintenance, shooting range and drive track upgrades and improvements, on line training subscriptions, etc.