Grant FAQs

Peace Officer Continuing Education Training Program

Am I eligible to receive a grant? To be eligible for a grant award an applicant must be a local government, college, university, or not-for-profit organization providing peace officer training. Grants are not provided to individuals. POST distribute funds through 10 designated training regions. Please contact your appropriate training region for information on applying for grant funds.

What can POST continuing education funds be used for? Funds are available to acquire training, conduct training and attend training for Colorado peace officers who are currently employed by a law enforcement agency. Examples of allowable costs are: tuition, lodging, travel costs, instructor fees, class supplies, travel costs, backfill and overtime. In- or out-of-state travel is permissible using POST funds. Training equipment is also an allowable expense. Examples of allowable costs are: Simulators, Simunitions, training ammunition, targets, arrest control training gear, driver training equipment, range and driving track improvements,etc.

Contact Information

Kimberly Hernandez
Grant Manager
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Susan Carter
In-Service Grant / Training Coordinator
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Kishawn Leuthauser
Regional Grant Coordinator
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