Anti-bias Training and Resources

Anti-bias training is required for all Colorado certified peace officers per C.R.S. 24-31-315.

C.R.S. 24-31-315 mandates that officers complete 4 hours of anti-bias training every 5 years.

****POST has created a FREE online Anti-Bias course as an option available through the Acadis POST Portal. Agencies will be under no obligation to use the POST online Anti-Bias course.****

Contact Information

Robert Baker
Training Manager
(720) 508-6719
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Agencies may obtain or conduct their own in-house Anti-Bias course that meets the requirements of CRS. The POST Manual outlines learning goals and outcomes for Basic Academy coursework regarding Anti-Bias. This may be a resource for your course development: Section C, I - Introduction to Criminal Justice, Paragraph D - Law Enforcement Ethics and Anti-Bias Policing.

Below are some optional current trainings and resources for anti-bias training that can be utilized to meet this mandate:

Anti-Defamation League - Anti-Bias Course Information and Flyer


  Metro Denver
(up to 75 mi)
Over 75 miles
Additional costs if airfare and hotel are required
Type Two Hour Half Day Two Hour Half Day
Under 50 Participants $750 $1,250 $950 $1,450
50+ $950 $1,500 $1,150 $1,700

For additional information please contact:

Jeremy Shaver- Assistant Regional Director 720-799-9673
or Tara Raju- Education Project Director 720-799-9676
1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 1301 Denver, CO 80203

Police One Online Courses -

Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement: (1 hour)
Racial Profiling Part 1: (1 hour)
Racial Profiling Part 2: (2 hour)


Fair and Impartial Policing -

There are five existing curriculum that reflect the science-based fair and impartial policing perspective. These include recruit/patrol, first-line supervisor, and command-level (or command/community) trainings.

Recruit and Patrol Officer Training
First Line Supervisor Training
Command or Command / Community Trainings


In the Line of Duty -
Courses: Racial Profiling Training Video Fresno, CA: Multi-Ethnic Community Policing Training Video