Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Pitkin's Board is made up of six dedicated trustees who meet monthly for regular Town meetings and participate in work sessions and special meetings as needed. Trustees are elected every two years during the regular municipal election. 


Eddy Balch

Email Trustee Eddy Balch

Contact Trustee Eddy Balch by phone at (970)497-6706


Jerra Garetson

Email Trustee Jerra Garetson

Contact Trustee Jerra Garetson by phone at (970)641-5533 or (620)668-0073


Lucinda Lull

Email Trustee Lucinda Lull

Contact Trustee Lucinda Lull by phone at (970)641-3475 or (970)596-1042


Cory Nasso - Mayor Pro Tem

Email Trustee/Mayor Pro Tem Cory Nasso

Contact Trustee/Mayor Pro Tem Cory Nasso by phone at (254)721-7343


John Rowan

Email Trustee John Rowan

Contact Trustee John Rowan by phone at (620)255-3342


Lois Sharpton

Email Trustee Lois Sharpton

Contact Trustee Lois Sharpton by phone at (970)641-0252