Housing Needs Assessment

Hanna:Keelan Associates Housing Study COMPLETE~!~!~!

This County-Wide Housing Needs Assessment provides statistical and narrative data identifying a housing profile and demand analysis for Phillips County, Colorado, including each Community, as well as the rural areas of Phillips County, identified in this Assessment as the “Balance of County.”

The Assessment describes the past, present and projected demographics, economic and housing conditions in the County and includes a “Five-Year Housing Action Plan,” identifying recommended near future housing projects.

The Housing Assessment was prepared for governmental entities and both public and private/non-profit businesses and development entities within Phillips County and the surrounding areas, on behalf of Phillips County Economic Development (PCED), by Hanna:Keelan Associates, P.C., a Nebraska-based community planning and research consulting firm. A County-Wide Housing Steering Committee consisting of local housing stakeholders, as well as the general citizenry of Phillips County, provided invaluable information throughout the development of this Housing Needs Assessment.