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PC Economic Impact and Opportunity Scholarship

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The PC Economic Impact and Opportunity Scholarship is meant to award and recognize young individuals in Phillips County who have contributed to, have the desire to, or have fostered the overall economic growth, economic innovation, community development, or entrepreneurial spirit of Phillips County.  Nominations are open to all Phillips County Students ranging from 12 yrs of age to 21 yrs of age.  Scholarships awarded are up to $1000.  Scholarships will be awarded at the State of Phillips County and Economic Development Annual Meeting on February 27th, 2017.

(Just a few short questions and description of why you are nominating this recipient)


 Reasons to Nominate an Individual: 


We at Phillips County Economic Development recognize that Economic Development happens in a multitude of ways.  We have a young adult and student population of innovative thinkers, movers, and shakers.  We are looking for those that have a passion for Phillips County and it's economic growth!  Keep in mind that some fairly young individuals do not even realize they are contibuting to the economic growth of our commuites.  Encourage them to keep up their good work by nominating them!   Nominees will have participated in or led the cause in some area of economic development OR are looking for the financial means to lead a cause, start a business, or create a job within Phillips County! Nominees will have participated in or are actively seeking to participate in these causes in 2016-2017.

Examples of individuals that you might nominate (but NOT LIMITED TO THESE SCENARIOS):

  • An individual in 4-H or FFA who has demonstrated a stong understanding of the basics of entrepreneurship through participation at our county fair.
  • An individual who has the desire to start their own business within Phillips County and maybe needs some start up funds.
  • An individual who has actively participated in or brought innovative thinking to a community development project.
  • An individual who has actively participated in our ESI camps (see below)
  • An individual who has worked on a school project to educate other students about the availability of careers in Phillips County (Career fairs, presentations and classes taught to younger students)
  • An individual who has excelled in a local apprenticeship and has taken serious interest in learning about new opportunities here in Phillips County
  • An individual who is constantly thinking about innovative ideas in regards to community development or expansion of services in Phillips County.
Who Can Be Nominated:

Any student or young adult whose primary residence is located in Phillips County OR actively participates in a Phillips County School District.  We are also open to groups of students that are working on projects that affect economic development.  Please specify in the nomination form if you are nominating a group of students.

What Can the Scholarship Money be used for

There are no requirements for the use of the scholarship funds, however; it is recommended that award winners use them for an investment into a cause, such as college tuition, business start up costs, education and training, supplies for an existing business, a computer or books for college, contribution to a local community development project and so forth. 

Nomination Review Committee 

A nomination review committee will review all qualified nominations.  Because of the broad scope of this scholarship, please do your best to showcase your nominee and define what sets them a part from other nominees.  Nominee award winners will be notified by February 25th and awarded scholarships on February 27th at the State of Phillips County and Economic Development Annual Meeting.


For Scholarship Questions please call  Executive Director, Julia Biesemeier at 970-580-3614. 

*Scholarship Nominations Must Be Submitted Online.

Youth Entrepreneuership Program

ESI - Two studentsEntrepreneurShip Investigation (ESI) is an exciting, interactive, and comprehensive curriculum project designed for youth, ages 10-19. ESI uses a variety of tools to help participants develop their entrepreneurial skills and find their business niche. Through exciting activities, case studies, and current technology, participants are transformed into budding entrepreneurs!




Health Career Development

REACH - Rural Education of Awesome Careers in HealthcarePhillips County Economic Development in conjunction with the Haxtun Hospital, Haxtun Schools, and Centennial Health Education Center are pleased to announce REACH, Rural Education of Awesome Careers in Healthcare.  REACH will take place on September 7th for junior high students and September 8th for high school students.

The REACH program is designed to increase awareness, interest, and understanding of health careers available in rural Colorado through the use of hands-on Learning Labs. We are pleased to invite both junior high and high school students from Haxtun, Holyoke, Revere, Julesburg, and Fleming to this highly interactive day of learning.

Junior high students will have the opportunity to use the day as an exploration of the health industry with hands on learning and interaction with professional health care providers.

High school students will have the opportunity to use the day as a career pathway guide through hands on learning and interaction with current medical students and local healthcare professionals. 

Workforce Development Apprenticeships

PCED is working closely with area businesses, youth, and schools to connect young adults with career opportunities that exist in Phillips County.  APPRENTICESHIP is a hands-on Young woman holding notebookwork experience program curated by a working professional in Phillips County.  We strive to educate young adults on the opportunities available to them within Phillips County now, and in their future.  Not only will they develop skills for a particular industry, our apprenticeship program is designed to prepare participants for the challenges they will face in their day-to-day work.  Contact PCED for more information.

Current Student Opportunities:

  • Ag GIS Systems
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Civic Engagement
  • Web Content Management

Student Civic Engagement Program

Young Professional Leadership Development and Civic Engagement

What's HIP?HIP: The Haxtun Innovative Professionals Group connects young professionals ages 21-45ish in the Haxtun area through networking, education, community involvement, and economic and community development.

HIP creates an opportunity for young leaders to share ideas and engage with others passionate about making our community a better place to live, work, and play. Quarterly HIP events are open to all young professionals. The mix of networking and professional development allows up-and-coming leaders the opportunity to make new contacts, to develop friendships, to increase their knowledge, and to build connections within the Haxtun area.