Fees & Forms


Road Crossings
$150 for boring under each dirt or gravel road

$400 for trenching across each dirt or gravel road ($100 for locally based utility companies)

$100 for non-utility cuts (i.e. agricultural landowners who are required to cut county right-of-way to provide utility service for agricultural production or a farm residence on their own property)

Right-of-Way Impacts
Graduated fee per foot for burying pipelines in the right-of-way plus the road crossing fee

Ditch Width              Cost per foot 

½” to 8”                  $.14

8+” to 16”               $.20

16+” to 24”             $.35

24+” to 42”             $.60

42+”                      $.72

$20.00 per mile for laying telephone line in right-of-way


Please send completed forms to:

Phillips County Administration Office

221 S Interocean Ave

Holyoke, CO 80734

(F) 970-854-3811 or Laura.Schroetlin@phillipscounty.co

Special Transport Permit

Roadway Occupancy Agreement

Roadway Occupancy Agreement (Seismograph)