Training & Tools

Lean Resources

Introduction to Lean- A guide to Lean and a summary of Colorado's Lean tools and methods. 

Colorado SOLVE Guide- SOLVE is Colorado's method of Lean problem solving that helps Colorado employees streamline work processes that have become inefficient, freeing up time and resources to perform tasks that really matter to our customers.

Lean Change Templates- Stakeholder Analysis, Communication Plan, Personal Action Plan

"Performance Measure Guide,"- State of Washington Office of Financial Management Budget Division

"Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement"- A guide to leadership and success in local health departments


New to Lean? Check out these videos to see how Colorado is using Lean!


Online Learning

Online eLearning modules are available, at no cost, to anyone with an email address, thanks to one of our generous partners, BMGI.  Instructions to access this material are as follows:
  1. Go to to set up a free account, using your email account 
  2. Access any of the courses, at any time, based on your interest.  The modules in the Team Member course will probably suffice for now, unless you are interested in additional detail or key concepts.
Team Member: This course provides a basic introduction to key principles and practices on the Lean methodology.
Lean Champion: This course provides knowledge, tools and skills needed to create widespread commitment and manage the details of a change initiative, large or small (assumes proficient Lean skills).
Lean Project Leader: This course builds on the Team Member concepts in greater detail and more technical discussion.  Introduces basic change management and stakeholder management concepts (assumes proficient Lean skills).
Lean Sponsor: This course teaches project sponsors (program, division managers) how to build an improvement infrastructure, select the best projects and manage the people aspects of process changes on an ongoing basis.

Suggested Reading by Subject