What do we mean by a customer-focused culture? 
We are changing the way government does business in Colorado - we don't serve faceless taxpayers, we serve customers. We encourage government agencies to integrate the following principles of a customer-focused culture in their respective organizations: 
  • Every employee serves at least one direct customer, internally and externally
  • A customer-focused culture views the customer journey as a singular, critical experience rather than a set of disconnected touchpoints
  • Customer satisfaction is fundamental to true customer service; customer surveys and focus groups are fundamental to understanding how we can better improve our processes
What do we mean by culture of operational excellence?
We seek to provide the most effective, efficient, and elegant government service possible. We do this through: 
  • Organizational alignment - clear goals that are understood by all, and operations that drive sustainable progress
  • Being results focused - we regularly measure progress towards goals; measures what matters; and seek to ensure that value is created for our customers
  • Continuous process improvement - consistent emphasis on making processes more efficient and effective
  • Engaged employees - employees who are ready (understand their role and goals), willing (motivated to support the mission), and able (have the skills and authority to do the job)