Regulatory Agencies

To ensure Colorado has an effective regulatory landscape where both consumers are protected and businesses can thrive in a competitive and fair marketplace.
This year, we set out to create a meaningful vision statement that connected our mission to our outlook for the future and clearly explains DORA’s aspirations. With this new vision statement, our team is focused on fulfilling our common and critical mission of protecting consumers, while also working to ensure that small businesses can thrive in a competitive and fair marketplace.
Consumer Protection is our mission.
Everything we do at DORA centers back to protecting consumers. Our job is to ensure that individuals and businesses who provide you with professional services are doing so ethically and responsibly. Whether it’s boards setting professional standards for licensing, making sure that utilities companies are charging their customers fair rates, or investigating reports of securities fraud, each and every one of the Department’s employees contributes daily to ensuring that Coloradans are able to trust those who provide them with services.

The Department of Regulatory Agencies was officially created as a department in 1968, however many divisions and programs have been protecting Colorado consumers since 1877. The Department is responsible for 40 boards, commissions and advisory committees, charged with administering over 50 regulatory programs governing professions, occupations and businesses comprising over 710,000 individual licensees and approximately 40,000 businesses and institutions. This include 312 board members and close to 600 professional regulatory staff including program directors and managers; professional examiners, inspectors, and investigators; financial analysts, and front-line professional, technical and administrative staff. 

With one face, and a unified mission and vision, DORA carries out regulatory programs that license, permit and charter; establish standards; approve rates; investigate complaints; assure safety of equipment, vehicles, facilities and transportation; and conduct enforcement across numerous professions, occupations, and institutions.

Performance Plans