Public Health & Environment

Colorado will be the healthiest state with the highest quality environment
The mission of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is to protect and improve the health of Colorado's people and the quality of its environment


The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is one of 16 cabinet-level departments whose executive directors are appointed by the governor. Dr. Larry Wolk serves as executive director and Chief Medical Officer. The Department serves the people of Colorado by providing high-quality, cost-effective public health and environmental protection services that promote healthy people and healthy places. The Department focuses on evidence-based best practices in the public health and environmental fields and plays a critical role in educating our citizens so they can make informed choices. In addition to maintaining and enhancing our core programs, we continue to identify and respond to emerging issues that could affect Colorado's public and environmental health.

The Department pursues its mission through broad-based health and environmental protection programs and activities. These include population-based disease prevention strategies, control of disease outbreaks; provision of health statistics and vital records; health facilities licensure and certification; health and wellness promotion for both the general population and specific subpopulations such as children/adolescents, women, workers, and the aging; prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV; suicide and injury prevention; laboratory and radiation services; and emergency preparedness. The Department's environmental responsibilities span a full array of activities including air and water quality protection and improvement, hazardous waste and solid waste management, pollution prevention and environmental leadership, and consumer protection.

Performance Plans