Personnel & Administration

Our vision is to be the leader in service excellence
The mission of the Department of Personnel & Administration is to provide quality services to enhance State government success through improved customer service, modernized business operations, and investment in the workforce.
The Department provides the infrastructure needed for Colorado State government to perform in a consistent, productive and cost-conscious manner. The Department operates much like a business within State government,
providing such centralized services as: human resource management and oversight; risk management; training; procurement management and oversight; financial assistance and guidance; graphic design, printing, scanning, and copying services; fleet vehicle management; and adjudication services for agencies and programs throughout State government. The Department’s success depends upon offering quality and value to customers and stakeholders by providing economically-efficient and sound services while adhering to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.
The DPA customer base is three-fold. DPA serves: 1) government entities, including State departments, the General Assembly, Institutions of Higher Education, and local municipalities; 2) State employees; and 3) the public.

Performance Plans