Natural Resources

Colorado will be a national leader in promoting the responsible use and conservation of the state’s natural resources for this and future generations.
The Colorado Department of Natural Resources mission is to develop, preserve and enhance the state's natural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future citizens and visitors.
● Water ‐ Provide for the long‐term municipal, industrial, and agricultural water needs for the
state in a way that recognizes and provides for the instream flow needs of fish, wildlife, and
● State Parks ‐ Maintain accessible, affordable, and diverse outdoor recreation opportunities
and promote natural resource education.
● Minerals & Energy ‐ Promote responsible and sustainable development of Colorado’s energy
and mineral resources in a manner that is consistent with public safety, environmental
protection, maintenance of Colorado’s quality of life, and protection of Colorado’s diverse
economic base.
● Wildlife ‐ Manage and conserve healthy and sustainable wildlife populations for the benefit of
current and future Coloradans.
● State Trust Lands – Manage state lands held in perpetual, inter‐generational trusts for the
benefit and support of public schools and other public institutions.
Colorado is incredibly blessed with natural resources. Our majestic mountains, our beautiful outdoor landscapes, and our diverse wildlife and terrains are an important part of our identity as Colorado citizens. Natural resources also play an integral role in Colorado’s economic wellbeing. Water is an essential input for agriculture and many other industries. Hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing bring an estimate economic impact of $5.0 billion (including secondary impacts) and support an estimated 50,000 jobs in Colorado. Outdoor recreation at state parks brings another $571 million of economic impact to Colorado communities. Finally, energy and mineral resources also play an important role in Colorado’s economy. In 2013, the mineral and energy industry produced over $15.7 billion worth of oil and gas, coal, and other minerals. Similarly, in 2015, an estimated 36,000 people will be employed in the mining and logging industries in Colorado. To help sustain and improve upon these benefits, the Department of Natural Resources is committed to continuous process improvement and becoming more efficient.

Performance Plans