Labor & Employment

Quality and Excellence in all we do.
To protect and promote the integrity and vitality of Colorado’s employment environment.
CDLE is a 1300-person state agency which houses six divisions serving Colorado through resources for workers and employers, as well as public safety and regulatory functions. We provide Colorado employers with recruitment, workforce training, labor law interpretation, layoff transition assistance and labor market information. We also assist Colorado workers through job training and job search, unemployment benefits during periods of job loss, workers’ compensation benefits when they are injured on the job and recovering unpaid wages.

CDLE serves Colorado by:
  • building Colorado’s talent pipeline
  • ensuring fair labor practices
  • helping businesses recruit employees
  • presenting an up-to-date and accurate picture of the economy
  • protecting our communities with a variety of consumer protection and safety programs
  • ensuring benefits to injured workers
  • contributing to a stable economy by providing temporary wage replacement
  • helping individuals with disabilities obtain, maintain or regain employment
More details on our programs may be found in our FY 2018-19 Performance Plan.

Performance Plans