Environment & Energy

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Energy & EnvironmentENVIRONMENT & ENERGY
Drive conservation with a purpose and ensure smart resource management

Goal: Improve air quality

Work in ProgressNitrogen dioxide emissions

Work in ProgressVolatile organic compound emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions

Work in ProgressMarket share of electric vehicles


Goal: Protect Colorado drinking water and waterways

Work in ProgressRivers/streams meeting standards

 Work in ProgressLakes/reservoirs meeting standards

Waterborne disease outbreaks 

needs_improvement.pngPublic drinking water systems meeting standards


Goal: Enhance land stewardship through increased conservation

needs_improvement.pngFunding for trails

Acres of wetland restored, maintained, or enhanced

Acres of prairie grassland habitat restored, maintained, or enhanced 

on_track_2.pngStream miles occupied by native Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Goal: Increase recreational usage of parks

State park visits

Hunting and fishing participants


Goal: Support responsible energy development

Complaints responded to quickly
High-priority issues reported and addressed

Hard-rock mine inspections


Goal: Ensure a sustainable water future

Acre-feet created with state financial support

Acre-feet conserved as reported through conservation plans




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