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State of Colorado Lean Report

The State of Colorado Lean Report reflects work done to achieve Governor John Hickenlooper's vision of a government that is more efficient, effective, and elegant by making customer-focused improvements and utilizing the expertise and knowledge of those who best know these processes.

The following projects are just a few examples of tangible results from using Lean:
  • The Departments of Revenue and Personnel completed a project that will cut the time it takes to process a lll tax form from 30+ days to 1-2 days, with ongoing annual cost savings of $2.0 million
  • The Department of Education has cut the teacher license evaluation time from 20-40 days to 10 days
  • A Workers Compensation Dispute Resolution project has cut process time from 30+ days to 16 days
  • In our mental health hospital, the admissions process has been reduced from 19 days to 7 days
  • The Department of Corrections has increased the number of offenders released with a valid ID by threefold
The Lean program has empowered the state’s workforce not only to improve processes for its citizens and customers, but it has started a transformation in culture with a focus on continuous improvement.

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