Membership Eligibility

In-District Memberships and Eligibility

  • Members must sign up in person.
  • Persons over the age of 18 must sign a risk disclosure and complete an emergency notification sheet.
  • In-District members who wish to utilize the Center will pay an Activation Fee at the first use each year. Activation fees are based on the Calendar Year.
  • Must be residents of Battlement Mesa or Parachute, Colorado.

​People who reside within the Garfield County Parachute/Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation taxing district will—with certain documentation be eligible for in-district membership rates for GVRC. Dependents of eligible parents or guardians will also be eligible for in-district membership. Most eligibility can be determined immediate, but could take up to 5 business days.

Identification Verification

(One Photo ID Document will be required.)

Driver’s License (Valid)
Colorado State ID Card (Valid)
Government Issued ID Card
Student ID Card
Permanent Resident (Green) Card

Address Verification

​One of the following documents is required. The document must be original. The Physical Address must be printed on the form PO Boxes will NOT be accepted.

Current Utility, Telephone or Medical Bill  Pay stub with physical address (within 45 days)
Major Credit Card or bank Statement with physical address (within 45 days)
Court issued document with physical address
Mortgage paperwork, lease or rent receipt or property deed showing address
Current Lease—all residents must be listed on lease
Major Department Store i.e. Kohl’s Sears, Target, Walmart (within 45 days)
Current Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance Policy
Garfield County Tax Bill indicating payment to PBMPRD
Legal Dependents of Eligible Parents or Guardians [who reside in the district and/or attend a District 16 School] are eligible

NOT ACCEPTED: Personal Letters, Solicitations, E-mails.


Youth: 17 years old or younger. A parent or guardian must give permission for a youth to have a membership and the parents/guardian must sign the risk disclosure.
Adult: 18 years and older
Adult Dual: Any two adults who sign up at the same time. Do not have to be related or live at the same address.
Family: 2 Adults & up to 2 Children living at the same physical address or one adult head of household and 3 dependent children. Family membership rate applies to a maximum of four persons per family pass. Families with more than 4 members may purchase an “additional child” membership
Dependent/Additional Child: A person 17 years or younger who qualifies as a dependent pursuant to the IRS. Can only be purchased with Family Membership