Board to Consider Fees and Rate Adjustments

At the April 20, 2017 Regular Meeting of the District, the District’s Board of Directors will consider the imposition of additional fees and charges, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Establish a returned check/electronic funds payment fee of $25.00;
  • Implement a water meter re-read fee that would be imposed whenever a customer requests that their meter be re-read and the District confirms that a disputed water meter read is correct;
  • Adjusting the Tier 1 water usage from 10,000 gallons to 15,000;
  • Tying the water service charge and sewer fees to a Single-Family Equivalent (SFE) Multiplier based on water service tap size;
  • Setting the three-quarter inch tap rates as the base rate for the other tap sizes; and
  • Determining the commercial water usage tiers by factoring the SFE Multiplier to the three-quarter inch water usage tiers.

Who will be affected if the Board adopts these recommendations?  Residential customers with a three-quarter inch service, which all current residential customers have, will benefit from a reduction in the cost of water usage between 10,001 gallons and 15,000 gallons of water. Residential customers will not see any changes to their $30 Monthly Water Service Charge or their $6 Monthly Sewer Collection Fee. 

Commercial customers with service sizes larger than three-quarters of an inch will have their water usage tiers, water service charge, and sewer fee set by multiplying the three-quarter inch water usage tiers, water service charge, and sewer fee by the SFE Multiplier.  The monthly water service charge will be a new charge for commercial customers as they do not currently have this charge.  In most cases, commercial customers will benefit from a reduction in sewer fees, and a slight reduction in water usage charges in the lower usage tiers.  They will have an increase in water usage charges in the higher water usage tiers.

Customers disputing a water meter read and who requests a water meter re-read will be charged a fee if their disputed meter read is confirmed.  A customer whose check is returned or electronic funds payment is rejected will have a charge imposed.