Board Adopts 2018 Budgets

The Board of Directors adopted the budgets for the District and its Subdistrict A at its November 15, 2017 Special Meeting.  The 2018 District Budget includes the adoption of the General Fund and Enterprise Fund budgets. 
The General Fund budget, which is funded by property taxes, includes the parks, open spaces, and trails development and maintenance, and storm water facilities maintenance.  The significant General Fund budgeted expenditures in 2018 include the development of a new park in Scenic View at Paint Brush Hills, and the maintenance and improvements in the storm water channel that runs from Waterbury Drive to east of Liberty Grove Drive. 
The Enterprise Fund budget covers water and sewer operations of the District.  The significant budgeted expenditures in this budget include the implementation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, repainting the water storage tanks' exteriors, and the replacement of the District's 2000 year-model pickup.  The SCADA system will have the capability of remotely monitoring the District's water and sewer facilities, and permit the District's Operations Team to control these facilities remotely.  The District will also rehabilitate and re-equip two of its wells that have been out of operation for over ten years.  Eagle Development will reimburse the District for the costs associated with this project.
​Subdistrict A is a subdistrict within the Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District.  It's boundaries are contiguous with the remainder of Paint Brush Hills Filing 13 that is currently under development.  One of the purposes of this subdistrict is to have the ablility to finance the infrastructure improvements costs through the isssuance of bonds.  These bonds will be repaid by a debt service mill levy assessed on the properties within the subdistrict.  The 2018 Subdistrict A Budget includes a debt service mill levy, and legal and accounting expenses.  Eagle Development is advancing funds to Subdistrict A.​for its operating costs.